Monday, 19 August 2013

Jacky Newcomb Interview

Our  interview today is with Jacky Newcomb, a favourite and regular BSSK speaker.  Many thanks to Jacky for taking the time for our little interview, it's been a great read!  Jacky can be found next at Elsecar this weekend with her workshop "Meet Your Guardian Angel"  She can be found online at

To start with could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

I published my first book of angels back in 2004 and began a column for Chat it’s Fate magazine just before that. My column was called, ‘Dear Angel Lady’ and the name ‘Angel Lady’ stuck after that.

I am now a full time columnist for Take-a-Break’s fate and fortune and many more books followed! I’ve appeared on numerous television programmes including ITV’s This Morning, Channel 5 Live with Gabby Logan and SKY TV. I feel privileged to have been a guest expert on hundreds of radio shows all around the world and am frequently featured in the national press.

Despite all of that, my favourite thing is to give talks and run workshops all around the country. I’ve spoken to thousands and thousands of people about working with their guardian angels. And love to meet fans. They are so kind and generous and often bring me gifts of angels and jewellery!

- You have 17 books out, full of peoples angel experiences, do you have a favourite?

My favourite is usually the one I am currently working on or the latest release! My next book is actually about clutter clearing (Become a Clutter Clearing Angel)! They are all different and like children, it’s hard to choose which one you love the most. I guess if you really pushed me I would pick the book I co-wrote with my sister Madeline Richardson about the paranormal experiences that happened to my immediate family and friends after my Dad passed away. Dad always promised he would come back from the other-side and help me to write a book. That book is called, ‘CALL ME WHEN YOU GET TO HEAVEN’. People find it really moving and comforting and healing; it makes them cry and laugh.

- You've been told you have "great stage presence" is that a natural gift or have you cultivated it (this is from someone that can't talk if there's more than 3 people in the room, lol)

Thank you! Well at first it was really scary. I remember when I first began that only one person turned up to hear me talk at a show, and I was probably more scared than I have ever been before and since. You get more confident with time and I always had big audiences at the BSSK shows. To be honest, now I actually find it easier to chat to bigger numbers of people, hundreds! I’m very bouncy and pace up and down in front of the audience with my microphone in hand. Standing behind a podium is my worst nightmare! I hate it when I have to stand still.

- You've met a few celebs in your career, is there anyone you would love to meet?

I have! It’s been a lovely ‘extra’ side to my work. I already met my idol; Peter Andre was a dream to work alongside, and I wasn’t disappointed. Myleene Klass was so sweet too. I’m also honoured to have several celebrity clients; once you have one they pass the word around to their celebrity friends. It’s nice to know people trust me.

I’d love to meet Dawn French. I lived in Cornwall for around 18 months (where Dawn lives) and walked into a shop once, picking up a gift item and taking it to the till. I was told, ‘oh, Dawn French was in the shop 5 minutes ago and she bought the exact same thing!’ I was so close ...! I think she is such a talented woman but I have no idea if she believes in angels. Weirdly, Bill Clinton is on my hit list; I think he is so charismatic!

I’d love to meet the Italian actress Sophia Loren. When my husband was about 2, she boarded the aeroplane he was on. She picked him up and kissed him and he’s never forgotten it. As he’s usually with me when I do events it would be great to let her know how important that meeting was with a little boy all those years ago, and for her to come face-to-face with the man himself!

- which writer/thinker has influenced you the most.

If I’m honest I tried very much not to be influenced by anyone as I wanted to do my own thing, writing about angels and the afterlife in my own way, my own style. I do respect very much the work by Dolores Cannon and Dr Michael Newton. Both have published scripts of conversations of clients under deep hypnotic trance relating to lives between lives and even previous alien existences. Dolores calls it ‘recovering lost knowledge’ and it’s fascinating.

Also, when I first started writing I used to pretend I was Carrie Bradshaw the columnist in the TV show Sex and the City. I could hear her voice as I wrote my own notes – of course Carrie wouldn’t have written about angels as I did, but I found it helpful. Later the ‘voice’ just turned into mine and I wasn’t even sure how it happened. One minute Carrie was there and the next it was just me!

- What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given.

I used to sell costume jewellery years ago and in time built a big team. We used to listen to all the American author and motivational speakers and I picked up so much brilliant advice which has helped me in my career. You never stop learning and that’s how it should be. One that really stands out is, ‘keep going until you succeed!’ That made a lot of sense.

- Would you name 6 “Desert Island” books or films (ones you would like if you were stranded on a desert island - for young ones who don’t know about Desert Island discs!)

I love the movie ‘Pretty Woman’; it’s like a modern day Cinderella. Another favourite is Groundhog Day. I like the idea that you can keep trying until you get it right – it’s rather spiritual in that regard, just like life itself. Books? Well I’d simply read everything by Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton all over again!


  1. Great interview Jacky. Looking forward to seeing you talk at Elsecar BSSK late in the month

  2. great insight into Jacky enjoyed reading it